Our history

Terroirs are not all the same when you’re looking to produce excellence. Geology, sunlight, wind, vegetative material, rainfall, human effort… every factor makes a difference. We have a noble history and we are proud of it. Our coat of arms embodies some of the main features…

“At the top, there is the golden tortoise, the silver tower and the two eight-pointed golden stars. Then the silver horseshoe, the golden droplet, and the silver bottony and fleury cross. In the middle, the vert crest surrounded by the golden B.”


Located in the heart of the Plaine des Maures, within a Natura 2000 protected area, Château des Bertrands is home to the Hermann Tortoise, named after the zoologist who discovered it. Many tortoises live and breed on the estate. And of course, we protect them.

For us, the tortoise represents wisdom and patience, two values that are essential to making a fine wine.


Water is so precious in Provence. Wine flows generously. Lightness, freshness, scarcity, morning dew over our vineyards. In a way, the droplet is the allegory of our wines…


Horses are linked to our history and life at Château des Bertrands. We have always owned horses and we enjoy having them around. They perfectly represent the area and allow it to be discovered in style. The estate’s coat of arms depicts an upside-down horseshoe which symbolises luck. This luck always gives us the means to move forward.


In Roman times, Cannet-des-Maures “did not exist” yet. The people lived in Forum Voconii, located below the present-day village. After an attack, the townspeople, forced to abandon their homes, retreated to higher ground. According to legend, when they reached the hill, they discovered the ruins of a temple dedicated to Diana, a tower which rose up in the middle of a sea of reeds. And so Cannet-des-Maures was born (“fortress of the little reeds”).
On our coat of arms, the tower refers to the origins of the land, strength and protection.


Much later, in the eighteenth century, two families working together owned the Château des Bertrands lands: the Rascas and the Colberts. In 1754, the Marquis de Rascas’ only daughter (Françoise-Élisabeth de Rascas du Cannet) married Sir Michel Colbert de Turgis, ship captain, wing commander of the naval forces, Knight of the Order of Saint-Louis, who became the lord of Cannet.

As “heirs” to these lords, we pay tribute to them by using the eight-pointed star and the bottony and fleury cross, symbols which represent the Rascas coat of arms. There are two stars to represent the two families.