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The History of Château des Bertrands Wine Estate

An Invitation to Travel Back in Time

All vineyards are not created equal. And not all terroirs yield excellence. Geology, sunshine, winds and airstreams, plant stock, rainfall, dedicated human labor - every detail counts. We are the heirs of a noble history and we are deeply proud of this responsibility. The features of our coat of arms tell the story:

“At the helm, the green and gold tortoise, followed in second place by a silver backdrop with the carnation tower, to the tanned three and its two, eight-pointed gold stars, four is in carnation with the silver horseshoe, five in gold with a carnation droplet, and six of tanned for the silver cross bottony with its pointed foot. At the heart, the green badge, with its golden B inside a carnation border”

The Emblems

of our Vineyard in Provence

Hermann Tortoise

Set at the heart of the Maures Plain, in a Natura 2000 protected area, Château des Bertrands is the cradle of the indigenous Hermann Tortoise, discovered by a zoologist of the same name.
Many tortoises live and breed on the estate and we are naturally dedicated to their conservation. We consider the tortoise as a symbol of wisdom and patience: two of the essential qualities needed to make a fine wine.


Horses have been closely tied to the history and everyday life of Château des Bertrands from time immemorial. We have always kept them here and we love their presence and how it embodies the site's character. The Château's coat of arms shows an upside-down horseshoe, symbolizing good fortune born out of a constant desire to progress.


The village of Le Cannet-des-Maures was yet to exist in Roman times. People lived in the Forum Voconii, situated down from the current village. After an attack, the inhabitants, forced to abandon their homes, took refuge in the hills. Legend tells that on their arrival, they discovered the ruins of an abandoned temple dedicated to the goddess Diana: a tower rising up from a reed bed. And that is how Le Cannet-des-Maures (meaning 'fortress of little reeds') was born. The tower depicted on our coat of arms denotes the founding of the site, as well as strength and protection.

Eight-Pointed Star & Cross Trefly

Many years later, in the 18th century, the estate became the joint property of the Rascas and Colbert families. In 1754, the only daughter of the Marquis de Rascas (Françoise-Élisabeth de Rascas du Cannet) wedded captain Messire Michel Colbert de Turgis, Naval Commander and Knight of Saint-Louis, who went on to become the Lord of Le Cannet. The current "heirs" to these ancient lords, we are paying tribute to them by reproducing the eight-pointed star and cross trefly featured on the Rascas coats of arms. The two stars symbolize the two families.

Drop of Water

Such a precious commodity in Provence. The drop of water is a sort of allegory for our wines, symbolizing wine flowing generously and fresh, light morning dew on our vines. 

Château des Bertrands in the Var


Château des Bertrands celebrates the natural elegance of its wines. Being in the emblematic land of rosé, Château des Bertrands takes pride in producing wines in the great gastronomic tradition of food-wine pairing and in the spirit of seeking outstanding tasting experiences. These exceptional characteristics give the wines a fine reputation, attested to by their presence on many tables of Michelin-starred restaurants.

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