The terroir

Sheltered by the Maures mountain range, the vineyard enjoys a Mediterranean climate with hot summers, bright sunlight and a prevailing easterly wind. The soil is the result of a geology born with the Massif des Maures, dating back 500 million years.
Its features are original with evergreen ‘maquis’ scrubland, unlike the rest of the region which is dominated by low, soft-leaved ‘garrigue’ scrubland. The stony soils are formed from pink sandstone and sandy soils. The aim is to extract the essence of the “Notre-Dame-des-Anges” terroir which was once recognised as one of the most renowned in all Provence.
Château des Bertrands is located on the western border of the Esteral Mountains. Its terroir is characterised by its Permian depression silicas (sandstone) and rhyolites.

Our vineyards benefit from a stunning setting, looking over the mountains.