Our wines

Château des Bertrands wines are all made from grapes from the 80-hectare vineyard that grows around the cellar. Although we mainly produce rosé wine, we are no less committed to creating fine white and red wines.


A rosé which is aromatically complex

Blending white fruit flavours (peach, pear) with more exotic notes.
On the palate: finesse, elegance and flavour, with a light, salty finish…



Typical and gourmet notes with an explosive finish

Product of the Rolle (Vermentino) and Ugni blanc grape varieties.
Nocturnal harvest, direct pressing, static cooling and fermentation in vats at around 16 °C, maturing on fine lees for 4 to 6 months.



A rich and structured palate

Product of the Syrah and Cabernet-Sauvignon grape varieties.
Complete de-stemming, light pressing, daily pumping over. Fermentation for 3 weeks at 24 – 28 °C.
Partial maturation in barrels

Château des Bertrands Rascas rosé

The Rascas Wine

A gastronomic wine

Product of the most exposed vineyards, a great vintage wine.
Partial maturation in selected barrels.

When it is loved and respected,a great terroir gives rise to unique, exceptional wines. Although our speciality is rosé, we also produce white and red wines. And when the vintage lends itself, we make an exceptional rosé, the Rascas cuvée, named after the famous family who gave so much to this place, and to whom we are happy to pay tribute.