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The Vineyard

A flagship Provence wine

Nestling in the Var hinterland, in the town of Le Cannet-des-Maures, Château des Bertrands lies at the heart of a Natura 2000 protected area in the Maures Plain. A historic Côtes de Provence flagship vineyard, its unique geology and the patient dedication of its teams yield character-filled wines.
Plunge into Provence's relaxed lifestyle at this natural haven in the heart of the vines.


Château des Bertrands

The Château des Bertrands winery is located in the Var region of Provence, in the South of France.  Our wines are made from grapes grown in the vineyards of this 80-hectare (200 acre) estate. While rosé is primarily our main focus, we also produce a fine selection of white and red wines. 

When a great terroir is tended with care and deeply respected, it gives birth to generous, exquisite wines. Although rosé is our specialty, we also produce white and red wines. And on certain years, when the stars align and conditions are ideal, we produce an exceptional rosé vintage called the “Rascas”, named after the prominent family who owned and nurtured Château des Bertrands in the 18th century. A fitting tribute to our predecessors in looking after this magnificent estate.  


Bastide des Bertrands

A country break

A magnificent country house set among vines and gardens rises up at the heart of the vineyard. Adorned with shaded terraces, a pool, pool house and boules court, it promises an unforgettable immersion in Provence.


Our equestrian centre offers fabulous, year-round horseback riding experiences in the Natura 2000 reserve and around Lac des Escarcets. In addition to riding, the Var is a hub of astonishing leisure activities, ranging from hikes to mountain biking, water sports and even aerial sports.



Fine dining, exclusive venues and original, powerfully-expressive wines... Our wines embody the essence of our terroir and are appreciated by demanding connoisseurs all over the globe.


The "Notre-Dame des Anges" terroir is one of the most highly-reputed wine growing areas in Provence.


When they are loved and honoured, great terroirs give birth to unique, committed wines.


The proud heirs to a noble history, the Château des Bertrands growers are united by a shared passion and attachment to their terroir.


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