Château des Bertrands is located in the French commune of Cannet-des-Maures, at the heart of the Plaine des Maures nature reserve. Historically the crown jewel of Côtes de Provence, it offers exceptional wines thanks to an original geology and patient human effort.

Our vineyard has stood the test of time and defied trends and excesses. Over the course of many years, the land, the vineyard, and the people here have given their all and created a kind of harmony that enchants connoisseurs from all around the world. We know that there is not one but several kinds of Côtes de Provence terroirs. Each one has its own geological and climatic identity: The Bordure Maritime, the Haut Pays, the Bassin du Beausset, the Sainte-Victoire mountain, Fréjus, La Londe, Pierrefeu and of course… Notre-Dame-des-Anges. We do our utmost at Château des Bertrands, at the foot of “our” mountain, to create accomplished wines embodying the typical characteristics of our unique terroir, which has been specifically adapted to wine growing for centuries.

Sébastien Latz
General Manager