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All terroirs aren't born equal when it comes to producing fine wines. Geology, sunshine, winds, rainfall, vegetation and sheer hard work: every detail counts. We are heirs to a noble history – and proud of it. Our coat of arms tell the tale of our legacy...

Terroir & grapes

Tucked away in the Var area and protected by the Maures hill chain, the vineyard enjoys a Mediterranean climate with hot summers, intense sunshine and a prevailing easterly wind. Its soil is the fruit of the unusual geology of the Maures hill chain, formed 500 million years ago. Unlike the garrigue most-commonly found in the region, its remarkable biodiversity is characterised by maquis vegetation. 


Our teams work tirelessly with passion and conviction to honour and unveil this magnificent terroir. They are never short of work. Here are the portraits of some of the vineyard's key people...

Buy our wines

Our wines are available at Château Saint-Roux wine cellar and at Ultimate Provence Shop :

Château Saint-Roux 
+33 (0)4 98 10 02 61
RD17, route de la Garde-Freinet, 83340 Le Cannet-des-Maures


Ultimate Provence
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7270 route du Luc - 83680 La Garde-Freinet


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